Budget Helmet Review: MT Revenge (2017)

Today I’ll be reviewing something different, diverting from cars, motorcycles and more towards motorcycle safety gear. One of the most essential safety gear while riding your motorcycle is of course, your helmet. Why? because for an obvious reason, it SAVES YOUR HEAD. Before I start off with my personal opinion about this helmet, I’d like to say that these are my personal views, you can either agree or disagree with me, it’s alright to have an opinion. So let’s start!

A little back-story: I have been using an old Daijya Samurai helmet for the past 5 years, and that’s using a helmet way beyond its usual life (which is 2-3 years, they say). I definitely needed an upgrade, hence the hunt for a new helmet began. There’s also another reason why I needed a new helmet, which I’ve mentioned below, read on to know.

My old Daijya Samurai helmet. Notice the difference in shape.

I had been eyeing the MT Revenge for quite a few months. It started somewhere in July of this year(2017), when I had a first look at this particular model. I’ve listed a few points that helped me zero-in, on this helmet:

1. SHARP 5-star rating
What caught my eye first was the 5-star SHARP rating on the MT Revenge Cyborg, for those who don’t know what a SHARP rating is, well it’s a British government quality ratings scheme for motorcycle helmets, where SHARP buys consumer helmets and subjects them to a variety of tests, to check the protection they offer to the rider. You can find more detailed information on this, here.

I had to use an image from Spartan ProGear’s website because I would not find my visor sticker. The helmet in the picture is an MT Revenge Binomy (same as my Cyborg)

2. Weight
The second thing was the weight of the MT Revenge, 1400 grams as compared to my older Daijya which is almost 1650 grams. Damn! what a difference when you wear it, it felt like it wasn’t even on my head. I could move my head around with ease and not strain my neck.

Rear of the helmet. By the way, that HTRA sticker was give by Honda Ten10 Racing Academy.

3. Double D-Ring fastener
One of the safest ways to fasten a helmet is using a Double D-Ring. Regular helmets come with a micro-metric buckle or a quick release buckle, which has a higher chance of opening up during a fall. The fact that a budget helmet, like the MT Revenge comes with a D-Ring fastener was amazing.

Double D-ring fastener

4. No sun-visor
Personally, I never used the sun-visor on my Daijya and I did not want unnecessary weight in my next helmet. The Revenge does not come with any sort of sun-visor. In case you prefer/need a sun-visor in your helmet then better you look away now.

Front of the helmet. The background of my balcony isn’t ideal for shots, hence blurred.

5. Price
When I checked the helmet for the first time it was available for roughly ₹6500/-. A few months later, the price shot up to ₹7,475/-. It is sold by Spartan ProGear in India, and is available at various offline distributors across the country. If you want to take the online route then you can buy it directly from Spartan ProGear’s website.


Road usage review

I have been using this helmet for quite some time now, it is comfortable to wear for a long duration. Yes, it takes some time to get used to the snug fit of the helmet but give it time. On the highway, its aerodynamic design helps to kept my head stable, I did not get any neck pain. The Pinlock pins tend to generate some wind noise, but it is quite faint and bearable. It feels worlds-apart as compared to my Daijya which is really noisy at high speeds.

The D-ring fasteners are the safer than quick release buckles, but they can be a bit difficult to use at first, because you need to learn to loop it properly. Not an issue, you can learn to strap your helmet much faster with more practice.

The helmet liner is made of anti-allergic materials, it is easy to remove and washable. You get a clear visor from factory, specifically the V-12 model, which is used in the latest series of MT helmets. The sticker says that it is Pinlock compatible but Spartan ProGear says that it does not. I will get to the bottom of this very soon, as I have ordered a max-clear Pinlock for this visor. I will update this post here after receiving it.

These factors helped me decide on which helmet I wanted to buy. From the beginning I had planned to buy a helmet from MT because of the value for money and warranty provided by SpartanProGear. I’ve purchased safety gear from them earlier, I’m satisfied with the support provided.


Bonus: Racetrack usage review

Returning back to the pits. Sorry for the blurry image, I could not find a clear one.

One of the other reasons that made me buy a new helmet was to use it for the Honda Ten10 Racing Academy event that I attended in November at MMRT, Chennai, you can check out more on that over here. This helmet meets regular track day standards because it comes with a Double D-ring fastener, it is ECE R22.05 certified and has racing shell configuration (shell is made of injected poly-carbonate). Although the race track requires helmets that are made of composite, tri-composite, carbon-kevlar materials, this MT Revenge (with injected poly-carbonate shell) is suitable for the speeds that the 125-250cc class motorcycles make.

On the track, I felt that this helmet was quite aerodynamic, my head did not move much as I blazed through the straights of MMRT. Inside the helmet, the multiple air vents kept me cool and partially sweat free. I did not have any issues with visibility at all. As mentioned earlier, there is a bit of wind noise generated from the Pinlock pins, but it is bearable.

Even with multiple changes to my body position while attacking corners, I did not feel the weight of the helmet. The snug fit really helps! even with vigorous movements of my head, it did not shake unnecessarily.