Lamborghini Performante versus Tesla X

Alright people?

I am assuming most of you reading may have experienced the job scene. Basically, the ups and downs of a job. The drawbacks will most likely include a manager you hate and that’s the reason you won’t mind leaving your hard-earned career position; because the interview phase was itself a nightmare. We are all taught form the start that being excellent in academic’s results in a five-figure salary. Nobody warns us about the type of morons we have to cope with.

It is always the cocky ones that end up being managers. It is like giving absolute military power to a person who can’t even form proper educated sentences. Every company’s success depends on how unified its workforce is. In my past few employee positions I have arrived to a conclusion that very few people love their job and everyone’s sole motive is to religiously coin their bank account.

Still, why do managers think they are better?

And that my friends brings me to the topic for this post. Tesla; now am not going to detail much because we may have another post specifically for that. The CEO of the company, Mr E Moosk. People have even started calling him God. I am not going to ramble on him today because the cars are of my interest. Geeks and grumpy old men all over have compared a tesla product to a Lamborghini claiming it to be a value-for-money proposition.

Tesla Model X car charger
Tesla Model X fueling itself

If you are really caught up with VFM on the automobile front, I tell you they do make one and its insanely practical. It’s called an Uber. Why not? You don’t have to worry about ownership costs right?. Then consider luxury the end of the spectrum. Everything posh is bought because of its essence, an intangible value. So why compare electricity to flames and fire?

What I mean to say is the tesla is a bi-product of management people. Why? Well it has a business value. The engineering fellows are appointed a project and they have to deliver it. That is what the Tesla Model X is. Relax you don’t have to choke on your avocado. I am not going to say anything bad. Meaning, It is easier to produce an electric car because it is less complicated. Everything is already invented. Why the hefty price tag? Because they can fool people.

Performante Verde
Lamborghi Huracan Performante Verde

And so, the Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Say it like a proper Italian. Wiggle your hand and all that. The Lamborghini is expensive because it is visceral, and that is not a numerical value. This is a car definitely made by passionate engineers while the accountants are asleep. It is the sports version of a Huracan. Basically its like that smart water of water. haha… how do you make water from water?

Funny story, you may know that Audi is the parent company for Lamborghini. The Performante was actually developed without anyone’s intervention. The engineers found a new aerodynamic system and also patented it. Then they presented it to the Audi executives. This made the German executives furious, one of them even quoting “why did we not invent it first?”.

Talking of aerodynamics and design, this Lamborghini does look menacing, thanks to the subtle alterations from the base Huracan. The cuts and lines and edges all sum up to an angry bull. Dressed in a loud colour and it’s a feast for your eyes. The spoiler definitely has an illusion of a tail indicating it’s all set for war. Look at the bull on the badge and then picture this car facing the front towards you, it will have that intuition. Reminds me of what I witnessed today.

Lamborghini ALA System
Air moving into the spoiler and then out. Simple but effective.

This is the real truth, no lies. I was walking to catch a train today, until I stumbled upon a black coloured Lamborghini Huracan, what a coincidence right?. I stopped there, admired the car and salivated. It is a gorgeous supercar. A bunch of dudes walking by started clicking photographs. So I left and literally after two minutes saw a Ferrari 488 parked on the roadside in red or ROSSO CORSA with a black roof and turned front wheels. I kid you not, I just whispered. “Oooooo……. hello baby!!” the sensations I had at that very moment were like seeing the girl of my dreams in a mini skirt and her legs crossed (wheels) and a lot of other feelings I cannot mention here. I am sorry to raise the big F word but you cannot talk about supercars without bringing it up.

Performante Wheels
Gold wheels black calipers, that is stiletto level stuff.

The Performante on the other hand has a different vibe, quiet like a hooker, like I said in my previous posts. It looks raunchy in daylight as well as in no light, in any crazy colour that too. Those wheels, OH MY LORD. I’ve seen one in gold colour. Lots of explicit details. I was talking about the aero, until we went off topic. Most fast cars have automated spoilers which means it requires electric actuators adding more weight to the car. In the case of the performante, the spoiler is static. It is hollow. The car has flaps under the spoiler and in the front that auto open close depending on the situation. This whole stuff helps to reduce weight and also lap time. It is so simple no one ever thought about it.

Performance any good? Yes, the Performante sits on the same skeleton as an Audi r8, so most of the components are shared. The engine for instance, the glorious v10 probably the last of the naturally aspirated big boy engines. The car now puts out 630 hp and torque of 600 Nm. The numbers don’t seem impressive but it is a light automobile with all-wheel-drive which makes it really quick. The Performante is the fastest mid-engine supercar on the planet at the moment. Whist we are still in the talk of performance, the sound. It is a loud car, loud enough to notify your girlfriend that shes got time to hide her benefits. To me the noise mimics a grunt-ty effect but it sounds good at low revs thanks to the 10-pot rumble. I wish it could deliver a high pitch above 8k rpm.

Performante Interior
Performante Interior

The Permormante’s German genes will make it the most practical and user-friendly sports car money can buy. Its okay the sporty parts are not German, am guessing they are Korean. It has a digital dash and the coolest starter switch. Apparently, the seats are very uncomfortable. The pizzazz this car emits is something else. Definitely the craziest thing on four wheels period.

So what was I on about the tesla thing. Well it is a van to start with. It’s got flying doors and dancing tunes. The multimedia is specially tuned to use LIT and FIRE in its vocabulary, sophistication to the max right?…… meh meh meh… IDGAF.  Watch this Lamborghini commercial.

Hahaha.. even sound cannot keep up with a lamborghini. Thats how lamborghini passes regulations I guess ” your car is too loud… no sir, ouuur car is faster than sound, we prove it”. There is so much drama and thrill. It has the ability to stimulate your senses in a way only a hooker can. Even a photo of a Lambo is eccentric. Whereas an electric vehicle is just a tool for transportation. The tesla just doesn’t touch your emotions. Call me mad but every electric car in future will feel the same no matter the price difference.

The fact that I brought up the whole job topic is, our society is too stuck into obsessing the flawless. Every interview you go to “what experience do you have?”. It is rarely the case of “ are you passionate about the role?”. The whole nakra translates to the job task in the end. I get annoyed when I see old people working at customer service places. Kill them. And the experience thing will only count where there is human involvement, you cannot go buy a soap thinking “how much cleaning experience does this have?”. Hence passion is needed. Which means the Lamborghini Huracan Performante is a sophisticated substance because it reverberates your soul. Numbers don’t define that.